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Walk For Life II - Day 3

Walking with poles - the best and easiest cardiovascular workout. since I broke my knee 10 years ago - worked up a good sweat without fatigue.

When I understand/experience that the power in walking comes from behind I don’t need to worry about protecting the front of me.

So I find myself walking supported both physically and emotionally - Without defense or fear. Very empowering!

Working with a partner and poles exploring resistance.

helped sensitize me to the delicate dance between resistance and aggression.

I loved the long distance walking (bending at hip and swinging arms forward alternatively). Such freeing rhythm! Feeling the movement flow from feet through back to head and arms was as insightful animal experience. See you in the tundra!



I have pain in my knees.

We did a lesson using the wrap, which eliminated the pain.

Today was my 1st time using poles with walking.. It was an interesting exercise.

I particularly appreciated contracting my shoulder blades


Using the shoulder blades adds such power to walking. I didn’t realize my back was tight until I tried to creep. Creeping is a great movement to get in touch with your primal origins.


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